NDT in the offshore Industry

In an industry that is constantly under scrutiny for its commitment to safety, it is crucial to ensure the structural integrity of offshore assets, such as marine facilities, underwater infrastructure and offshore production facilities.

Maintaining and inspecting these structures requires advanced technology and methods to detect potential weaknesses and prevent critical failures that could lead to environmental disasters or large economic losses. On this page you can read all you need to know about Non-destructive testing on the offshore industry. 

Why is offshore NDT necessary?

Offshore NDT is essential for evaluating the state of complex structures operating under extreme conditions.

It ensures compliance with government and environmental regulations to prevent major disasters, such as oil spills, that can have devastating consequences for the marine environment.

 By detecting leaks or structural failures early, the environment is effectively protected.

 Economically, NDT is important to avoid costly emergency repairs and minimize downtime, saving companies significant resources. For staff safety, it is essential to identify risks early so that potentially dangerous situations can be avoided, making offshore NDT an indispensable part of operational safety

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How are offshore inspections performed?

Offshore inspections are often performed by NDT inspectors that use divers or remotely controlled underwater vehicles (ROVs) that navigate to and inspect the complex offshore structures. These procedures require extensive planning and resources, making offshore NDT a more expensive but necessary investment.


This is particularly important because it requires specialized equipment and qualified personnel to carry out tasks safely and efficiently in difficult and often dangerous conditions.

Industries using offshore NDT

Today there is several offshore industries that relies heavily on NDT in order to function and operate. Some of the most prevalent industries include.

The oil and gas industry:

Inspection of offshore platforms and pipelines with NDT is vital to prevent environmental damage and ensure continuous operation. This sector relies on NDT to maintain safety standards and efficiency in the challenging conditions at sea.


The wind energy-industry:

Offshore wind farms are exposed to severe weather and salt water, making NDT indispensable for ensuring the structural integrity of turbines and their structural integrity. Regular NDT inspections help prevent unexpected failures and extend plant life.


The maritime sector:

In shipbuilding and repair, NDT is essential to verify the safety and seaworthiness of ships. This ensures that both merchant and passenger ships are robust and safe for people and cargo.

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Offshore NDT inspections use a number of different technologies


Non destructive testing is a very complex business. Therefore modern NDT-companies have to rely on a great variety of technologies to get the job done. Here are some of the most used technologies:


Ultrasonic Testing (UT):

This is used to identify defects below the surface of offshore installations such as oil platforms and wind turbines. UT is valued for its ability to provide accurate measurements of wall thickness and detect deep lying defects.


Radiographic testing (RT):

This method uses X-rays or gamma rays to create detailed internal images that can reveal hidden defects such as cracks, porosity, or inclusions in metals and other materials.



Eddy Current Testing (ECT):

Effective in identifying superficial and sub-superficial defects in conductive materials. ECT is particularly useful for detecting cracks, corrosion and coating defects.


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